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Contact Me

What I love about fansites, is that you can share your hobbies with a lot of people. My hobbies include Alyson Hannigan, How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris, The first 3 American Pie MoviesFriends (both kinds), The Final Fantasy Games, The Zelda Games.

But since this site is all about Neil Patrick Harris, I won't talk about any of that (a little about HIMYM, then). But you can find links to other related sites here. Also, you can find links to my 3 other sites. Of course, I also have a HIMYM-forum, so a link to that one can also be found.

But, as I said, I love to share my hobbies with you. Therefore, if you have any questions or requests, mail me. You can also  mail if you just want to talk to me...

My e-mail addresses are:

I'll be waiting...

100% NPH